Megan Piper on "porn prom": "I'm going on a date with Mike that night"

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She's really coming you guys!
Since his superintendent put the kibosh on Mike Stone's plan to bring two porn stars to his senior prom, the tenacious 18 year old has cooked up an alternate plan.

He's calling it "porn prom" and his date Megan Piper is 100 percent onboard.

"We're going to have it in another place," she said on the phone this afternoon from Los Angeles. "It is a high school prom, so it'd have to be adult supervised."

Stone asked some 600 actresses and porn stars to go to prom with him over Twitter. While most ignored him, brushed him off, or called him a pervy spammer, Piper and another adult starlet, Emy Reyes, replied they were game.

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"I originally said yes because all these people had said no," says Piper. "Some people were rude about it."

Stone originally set up a PayPal account asking for donations to cover Piper's $400 airfare. But Piper, a 19-year-old adult film star originally from Atlanta, says that a travel agency has already promised her the money for her ticket, and she's locked down a free limo, restaurant, and hotel (according to this tweet it's all courtesy of the website PornHub).

"I am coming whether they let me into their prom or not," she says. "I'm going on a date with Mike that night."

(Emy Reyes has since balked, tweeting, "I'm no goin anywhere with anybody... I took it as a simple joke don't understand why people are making a big deal out of it.")

Yesterday, the Oakdale school district superintendent announced that all porn stars would be turned away at the door. That's when Piper says she and Stone cooked a plan for "porn prom." Stone told the Pioneer Press the alternate prom would be open to anyone.

"I want people to see that we are more than our jobs," says Piper. "I don't think they should've discriminated against Mike's dream date even if they're porn stars. I don't pose any threat to anybody."

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Mike! Mike! Mike!
Twitter has since erupted with support for Piper and Stone, under the #Porn4Prom hashtag.

And Stone is clearly having a good time with this. He told the Pioneer Press, "They chanted my name in the hallway - 'Mike! Mike! ... They called me a legend. I have never been called that before."

No matter where @madmike42948 and @xMeganPiper end up dancing the night away on May 12, Piper says she wants to make it clear that she's coming with honorable intentions, and has a boyfriend. So, no plans to corrupt the fair, innocent youth of Minnesota.

"I don't want him to falsely hope that's what going to happen afterward," she says.

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