Drink and don't drive: Metro Transit offering free rides on St. Patrick's Day

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What would St. Patrick do? Probably take the bus home after a night of revelry.
As the infamous Dad Boner of Twitter fame says, "we can't wait for the weekend, you guys."

And this Saturday, of course, is St. Patrick's Day, the annual celebration of Ireland's patron saint drinking.

Planning to tip a few back? Know that you can leave that troublesome car at home without having to shell out a few bucks for bus or train fare.

Thanks to a partnership with MillerCoors and J.J. Taylor Distributing Company, Metro Transit is offering free rides on St. Patrick's Day from 6 p.m. through the last scheduled trip of the night.

As it says on Metro Transit's website, "if you're celebrating -- or want to avoid driving alongside those who are -- riding the bus or light rail is a worry-free and safe alternative."

After all, nobody wants to wake up the morning after St. Paddy's in jail and with a DUI to their name. So leave the keys at home, enjoy a couple toasts to the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, then enjoy a spirited bus or train ride home with other revelers who are also pretending to be Irish for the night.

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get drunk and drive; we need less humans anyway.

just think, we wouldn't have to have endless wars and kill people in 3rd world countries if more of us were dying... RIGHT!

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