Michael Brodkorb confirms Amy Koch affair

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Michael Brodkorb had an affair with Amy Koch
Michael Brodkorb's attorney confirmed today that his client had an affair with Amy Koch.

Brodkorb's attorney has also filed a notice of claim against the state of Minnesota, a precursor to a possible lawsuit against the state senate for improperly firing Brodkorb. The revelations were provoked by the Minnesota Senate's refusal to go into mediation with Brodkorb over his firing last December.

Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman released a statement accusing Brodkorb of attempting to "disrupt the work of the Senate" and "extort a payment from the Senate."

"All Senate employees are 'at will' employees, including former employee Mr. Brodkorb," Ludeman said in the statement.

Cal Ludeman: No mediation for Michael Brodkorb

"The Senate has the authority to terminate an employee at any time. Mr. Brodkorb's duties were closely tied to Senator Koch's position as Senate majority leader. When leadership changes occur in the Senate, changes in supporting staff are routine," Ludeman added.

Ludeman said that the state senate's hired attorney has "reviewed this matter thoroughly and concluded that [Brodkorb's] claims are without any merit whatsoever."

Brodkorb's attorney, Phil Villaume, could not immediately be reached for comment. He confirmed the relationship between Brodkorb and Koch to the Associated Press.

Then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch was forced to resign last December after several of her fellow Republicans confronted her about an affair with a "male staffer." Koch resigned her leadership position and the Senate then fired Brodkorb.

Brodkorb was widely rumored to be Koch's paramour. City Pages was the first publication to link the two.

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I thank God that the only ones who saw these two idiots naked are them and we didn't have to see that naked trash.  They make me vomit.  I can't wait to hear who else was promoting family values by cheating on their spouse. LMFAO!!!!

Mike W.
Mike W.

C'mon Michael, name names.  Nothing beats a good sex scandal to generate press and comments.  Obviously the R's mismanagement of our state affairs has not.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

At least the Republican party didn't try to protect them.

Remember the Anthony Wiener incident?Several high ranking democrats initially came out in support of him and looked real stupid in the end as his colleague support collapsed. 

I guess that is where morals come into play.


I wondered who would sleep with her, then I saw this guy's picture. 


Let's all play that certain Queen song in his honour



Rebecca Church
Rebecca Church

They supported Wiener because it a) had nothing to do with his Representative job, and b) because he said he didn't do it. Neither of those is true with Koch/Brodkorb but nice try at the favorite Republican game of false equivalencies, 'well, ya, but so and so did this.'


Solid deflection there pal. Look over here!!! Good stuff.


Obviously her husband gave up on that action years ago. FAMILY VALUES!!!!!!!!!5

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