Michael Grover says he was fired from St. Paul baseball coaching job because he's not Asian

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Grover said Johnson's AD told him he wants an Asian coach.
Michael Grover had a rough season last year as head coach of the freshman baseball team at St. Paul's Johnson Senior High -- his team lost all but two games.

In fairness, it's tough to field a good baseball team at Johnson. 80 percent of the school's students are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced lunches, and many bounce from one guardian's house to the next, making it difficult to commit to school sports.

Still, getting the axe after a 2-win season is understandable. But being told part of the reason for your firing is because you're white, and the school wants to recruit more Asian players? That's just not cool.

Grover took to Facebook and published a now-deleted post expressing outrage about athletics director Jeff Plaschko's alleged racist rationale for his dismissal.

Said Grover to the Pioneer Press: Plaschko "said he wants to replace [me] with Asian coaches because he wants more Hmong players on the team." Nearly half of Johnson's students are Asian, but Grover's 2011 team didn't include any on the roster.

In response to the Facebook post, the district launched an investigation and placed Plaschko on paid leave. Grover's replacement has not yet been announced.

In a statement, the district said: "Under no circumstances do we base hiring or firing on a person's racial or ethnic background. The district has a very clear policy on this, and we adhere to it."

Given the challenges Johnson's student body presents, Grover doesn't buy that his team's lackluster performance last season justified his dismissal. He posted this on Facebook early today:
Bad News Bears.jpg
Grover's team may have played like the Bad News Bears, but he doesn't believe that justified his firing.
Almost every news organization in this town makes me laugh when they post only part of the baseball story. When they mention that we only had 2 wins last year, they don't know that out of the sometimes 12 players we had, none had any pitching or catching experience, and only 3 players had more than 2 years of any kind of organized baseball at all. They print only that to make the reader think that this whole thing is sour grapes. Very few mention we won the conference 2 years in a row prior. NICE TRY! JHS BASEBALL!
Johnson already has a PR disaster on its hands, but here's some advice for school administrators, assuming they want the firestorm to die down: Whatever you do, don't replace Grover with an Asian coach.
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does this mean there is no more baseball at jhs


OMG. are you serious it don't matter what color you are as long you got the ability and passion about it!

Dickerson Don't DoDumb
Dickerson Don't DoDumb

cmon can we expect a college educator writer to use the word "racist" in an appropriate manner when writing a fucking headline?  This would be a possible case of racial "prejudice" but by definition white people can not be victims of "racism"  racism is perpetrate by the political majority (white people in this country) against members of a minority group.... white people cannot be victims of racism.  letters arranged in orders make words, you can look words up in the dictionary.   try it sometime


 Your argument sucks.  Perhaps you should have looked it up yourself...

RacismNoun1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races  determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race  is superior and has the right to rule others.2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.3. hatred or intolerance of another race  or other races.


There is more need in diversity training


What's baseball? I thought that was just a holodeck program.

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