Michele Bachmann, drowned out by Obamacare supporters, says: "We are surrounded by those who benefit from socialism"

ABC News
Bachmann was shouted down today, but reports from the courtroom suggest she may have the last laugh.
If a shrill, conservative tree falls in the woods but everybody around is making too much noise to hear it, does it make a sound?

Apparently, it does. And it sounds something like: "We are surrounded by those who benefit from socialism."

Those were Michele Bachmann's words today in the midst of a chaotic scene on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court in Washington.

Bachmann has a ticket to be in the Supreme Court chambers for oral arguments pertaining to the legality of Obamacare. And shortly after today's arguments concluded, the Tea Party Patriots held a press conference on the court's steps, with Bachmann slated as the featured speaker.

But there was one small problem: the Tea Party Patriots ended up being surrounded by a pro-Obamacare mob that outnumbered the conservatives three to one. As MinnPost reports, the pro-Obamacare crowd drowned out all the Tea Party speakers, but saved their best for last: "Bachmann received a grand reception from the tea party crowd, but when the pro-[Obamacare] crowd realized who was at the podium, they literally turned their megaphones toward the scrum of reporters and drowned her out."

From ABC News:
pro obamacare protesters.jpg
Pro- and anti-Obamacare demonstrations have created a circus atmosphere outside the Supreme Court.
Bachmann arrived but had trouble being heard as a pro-"Obamacare" demonstrator walked as close as she could to the scrum and screamed into a megaphone, "We love Obamacare" and other tired chants.

Bachmann didn't make news but said that while the Supreme Court justices heard arguments about the so-called individual mandate that "this is the day that we've been waiting for."

She warned that the government is on the verge of requiring Americans to buy vegetables. "What kind of country is this?" she asked.
Unfortunately for the pro-Obamacare mob, reports on today's oral arguments suggest Bachmann and her Tea Party colleagues may have the last laugh.

In order for a majority of the Supreme Court to uphold the legality of Obamacare, one of the court's five moderate-to-conservative judges needs to break ranks and side with the court's four liberals. But according to the Washington Post, all five of the judges appointed by Republican presidents "at some point resisted the government's position. Their sharp questioning raised doubts about whether the individual insurance mandate could survive the Supreme Court's historic review."

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