Mike Stone lands prom double-date with porn stars Megan Piper and Emy Reyes via Twitter

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megan piper.jpg
Megan Piper was excited to accept Stone's prom proposal.
Mike Stone successfully lined up a porn star prom double-date via Twitter... leading me to question why I never come up with good ideas like that.

One catch -- Stone, 18, now needs to raise about $400 to get his date, Megan Piper, a plane ticket to the Twin Cities for Oakdale High School's May 12 prom. Piper's porn star friend Emy Reyes said she's down for a double-date, which would presumably require Stone to come up with 400 more of the best dollars he'll ever spend.

We suspect Stone might have a hard time convincing his parents to fork over the dough for this one, but if his friends were ever going to help him out, now's the time.

Stone invited more than 600 porn stars to be his prom date, finally getting 'yes' responses from Piper, 19, and Reyes, 24.

Tweeted Piper:
One of Piper's followers then tweeted a suggestion that May 12 could end up being the best night of Stone's life, which she dutifully retweeted:
Emy Reyes.jpg
Emy Reyes wants to come to Minnesota too. Some suggest Stone sell photos from his big evening to cover his dates' airfare.
Piper said she thought Stone's proposal "was really cute, and I thought it would make his night by saying 'yes.'" She said she's invited Reyes to join her in the trek from Los Angeles to Minnesota. Reyes accepted her friend's proposal on Twitter, saying she "would love" to be Stone's date too (we can't embed Reyes' tweets, as her avatar photo includes some of her naughty parts). Fox reports Stone still hasn't informed his parents, which suggests they must be living under a rock somewhere in Oakdale.

Stone, for his part, has been pretty busy thanking well-wishers on Twitter and taking tips about how to raise that $400. Suffice it to say folks aren't suggesting he go door to door selling cookies: If only it were that easy... then again, given the publicity the prom date will generate for Piper and Reyes, maybe it is.

We salute you, Mike Stone.

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