Mike Stone asks more than 600 porn stars to prom

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Mike Stone is "AWESOME," he says
Oakdale senior Mike Stone really wants a porn star to be his prom date.

Stone's been burning up Twitter tweeting variations of "hey brenda are u booked up on may 12 ?" to different porn stars, from Brenda James to Cherie DeVille. (Not that we know anything about that!)

"Mad Mike" says he's 18 years old, and became a national Internet celebrity over the weekend when his story popped up on Reddit's frontpage: "Need a date for prom? Use Twitter to spam pornstars, like this guy."

The story picked up steam on websites like Daily Dot, which collected several responses from porn stars.

Mike Stone's prom fantasy sounds like The Girl Next Door

Self-proclaimed "unicorn," "urban mermaid" and "vaginal puppeteer" Dana DeArmond shot him down cold.

"absolutely not. totally inappropriate," she tweeted.

To date, Stone has asked out over 600 porn stars.

To sweeten the deal, Stone has tweeted to some of the porn stars: "i have dinner and hotel and a personal massage."

How can they say no?

No idea if Stone's bold numbers game will work out, but Daily Dot points out that it's"pretty much inevitable" that the school will refuse Stone, even if a porn star consents.

Too bad for Stone, who's probably been watching way too much "The Girl Next Door."

Stone doesn't seem to mind the attention, tweeting stories about himself and bragging, "im becoming famous." We sincerely hope the Twitter account is a joke.

Otherwise, kid's got a lot to learn.

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