Minneapolis 5th best cycling city, according to Shermans Travel study

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The only thing Minneapolitans like more than bikes is... actually, we can't think of anything City of Lakers are more fond of.
By now, you've probably heard that Minneapolitans have a serious crush on bikes.

The love affair hasn't gone unnoticed by travel and bicycle writers. Two years after Minneapolis was named the best bike city by Bicycling magazine, it was recently honored as the fifth-best cycling city in a new study by Shermans Travel.

Why does Minneapolis' biking culture get less love from Shermans than from Bicycling, especially when residents of the City of Lakes have only fallen deeper in love with bikes during the past two years? The answer isn't totally clear, but still, fifth is nothing to sneeze at.

Here's what Shermans had to say about Minneapolis' cycling culture:
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Shermans, in particular, recommends those new to cycling in Mpls check out the Stone Arch Bridge bike path.
The Twin Cities emergence as a bike-friendly superstar coincided with a general plan to make the area more livable. "Fifteen years ago almost no one lived downtown," says Bill Dossett, executive director of the Nice Ride bike-share program. Now, downtown apartments have some of the highest occupancy rates around, a new light rail line will connect downtown Minneapolis with the University of Minnesota and downtown St. Paul, and Bicycling Magazine calls Minneapolis the best biking city in the country. Launched two years ago, Nice Ride had over 100,000 rides in 2010 and over 217,000 rides in 2011; rentals will start again for 2012 sometime in the spring. Currently there are 116 stations and 1,200 bicycles, with plans to add 30 new stations - mostly in downtown St. Paul - and 128 more bikes this year. The cities host bike-themed events "almost every weekend," says Dossett, from scavenger hunts to organized rides to cycling races. In 2011 alone, Minneapolis added 37 miles of bikeways, installed hundreds of bike-specific street signs, and created a citywide bike map for the first time. "All of these things are happening at the same time that we've made this great investment in the last five years," says Dossett. "You bring all of that together and I think our future is very bright."
Ahead of us on the list? From first to fourth, Austin, Boston, Chicago, and Denver. To see the entire study, click here.

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