Minnesotans have third-highest well-being, Gallup finds

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Minnesotans are some of the most physically and emotionally healthy folks in the country, Gallup found.
Gallup-Healthways just released its in-depth state-by-state 2011 Well-Being Index, and relatively speaking, us Minnesotans are doing well both physically and mentally.

Minnesota ranks third out of all states in the overall well-being category, behind Hawaii (first) and... NoDak.

We have top honors when it comes to physical health, and rank fifth in emotional health. In fact, the only metric where Minnesota doesn't rank in the top ten is healthy behavior, where we rank 18th.

Gallup determined the rankings by talking to 1,000 Americans everyday, 350 days a year. Based on responses, individuals and communities receive an overall well-being composite score and six sub-scores in areas including life evaluation, emotional health, physical health, healthy behavior, work environment, and basic access to health care.

The findings show that 2011 was a good year in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Compared to 2010, Minnesota's scores increased in each of the six sub-areas. And unless you really like oil fields, we've living in the place to be in the Midwest -- our neighbors to the east, Wisconsin, ranked 22nd, while Iowa was 16th.

Gallup even breaks down the results congressional district by congressional district. Only three Minnesota districts saw their overall well-being ranking relative to the U.S.'s 435 other congressional districts fall -- the 2nd, represented by GOPer John Kline, the 8th, represented by GOPer Chip Craavack, and the 6th, represented by... GOPer Michele Bachmann. Draw your own conclusions.

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