Nancy White charged with felony spitting

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Nancy Leree White
Nancy White was not happy about being arrested.

According to a criminal complaint, while locked in the back of a squad car headed for jail, she pounded on the plexi-glass partition shouting at the arresting officer that she was going to "kick his ass."

When they arrived, she allegedly punched the cop and spit in his face.

Pop quiz: Which offense earned her a felony charge?

White has a long criminal history, and officers picked her up for loitering on suspicion she was waiting to buy drugs. The complaint says that at the jail it took two officers to get her out of the back of the car. During the struggle, Sergeant William Palmer says White hocked a sizable loogey at the cop, juicy enough that "the spit was running down the officer's face." He says then she punched him.

If White could magically take either action back, it shouldn't be the punch.

"That's going to get you in a lot less trouble than spitting," says Palmer.

White is in real trouble for transferring "bodily fluid or feces at or upon an officer." For that, she's been charged with a felony. It could cost her three years in jail.

Palmer says he wants to highlight the case because spitting at officers is pretty common. He wants people to know it can land them in a huge amount of trouble.

"It shows kind of what our officers go through on a daily basis," he says. "Officers, years past, contracted hepatitis. Nobody wants that stuff. Keep that to yourself."

White is still in custody.

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opinion email
opinion email

3 years for spitting???  No wonder our jails are overcrowded.  Ridiculous.


I wouldn't have expected hocking a loogie from such an elegant creature.


Whatever happened to the first amendment and right to civil disobediance? Minneapolice are overacting.  If they don't like it, they shuold have been baristas or some other more honorable work.

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

She isn't responding because there are no "black" people involved in this particular incident. 

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