New U of M anti-binge drinking poster: "Drink, drank, drunk, dead."

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Friends don't let friends drink so much they end up dead.
U of M officials are taking a page out of the anti-smoking playbook to combat campus binge drinking.

A new series of posters makes the point that friends can help their more-drunk friends avoid some of the worst possible consequences of slamming back a few tee many martoonies.

One poster shows a co-ed resembling Aaron Rodgers lying on the ground, looking wasted. "Drink, drank, drunk, dead," says the top of the poster. The bottom: "Don't let your friend drown in his own puke." If only Robert Plant would've taken that advice...

The U of M posters -- plastered on campus bulletin boards, in dining halls, and perhaps, in the future, in bathrooms -- make an interesting sort of anti-drunkenness appeal. Anti-binge drinking campaigns often target drinkers themselves, but we've all had that friend or two who just couldn't help themselves and frequently got too drunk. The new U of M campaign appeals to students' sense of altruism in hopes that nobody wakes up from a night of too much drinking in a compromising position... or like John Bonham (although he just never woke up).

Will the posters do any good? WCCO found that it depends which students you ask.

Said Darya Antanovich:
They show these in high school. It's just that these posters are everywhere. It's not something I've never seen before. It wouldn't grab my attention at all.
Ajaj Chamon had a different take:
With the amount of bad decisions made involving drinking. Something like this is probably a good idea. Probably needs to happen around campus.
The anti-binge drinking posters represent the second stage of the U of M's so-called Step Up campaign. The first focused on personal safety -- "He's been prowling around the ATM and something doesn't feel right... You've got a cell phone. Use it. STEP UP" -- and the third will focus on sexual violence.

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Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

and when a drunk pukes, its smells so bad that you will be gagging for hours. That is some nasty shit!!!!!!!


My college roommate and I never concidered this as a potential outcome.  Perhaps we were just lucky or being Rangers.


The ones who say it doesn't grab their attention are the ones who are going to drunkenly run over people in a few years and then flee the scene, the ones who say it makes them think will not be puking in stranger's rosebushes. Just a prediction.


Ethanol for cars, not college studets! (g)

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