Postal service, citing loose dogs, halts delivery to Rochester trailer park

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Loose dogs, broken sidewalks, strewn garbage... it's not a warzone -- it's a trailer park in Rochester. One that now lacks mail service.
Rochester mailmen are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore.

The U.S. Postal Service has suspended mail delivery to Rochester's Parkside Mobile Home Park following 42 "animal incidents" last year, most all of which presumably involved loose dogs. Parkside's roughly 100 residents will now have to travel a mile to the nearest post office to get their mail.

A postal service spokesman said that while he doesn't believe any carriers had been bitten while delivering in Parkside, loose dogs wandering the trailer park has been a problem for years.

Even though there haven't been any reported dog attacks, the canine situation at Parkside must be pretty dire -- the Postal Service spokesman told the Rochester Post-Bulletin said he could recall only two to three times where service has been suspended anywhere in the five-state area during the last five years.

Hopefully most of the Parkside residents will confront the news that mail delivery has been suspended with a little more resilience than resident Linda Ward.

Ward, who doesn't have a car, said walking a mile to the nearest post office is "too far."

"I just won't be able to get [the mail] very often," she said. "I don't know what to do."

Thankfully for Ward, if Parkside property manager Anthony Manes has his way, trailer park residents won't have to make the mile-long trek for their mail for long. Manes told the Bulletin that he plans to go door-to-door telling residents to tie up their dogs.

"It's a problem that should be easily solved, and will be easily solved," he said. "We'll get mail service back very, very quickly."

In addition to pain-in-the-ass dogs, the postal service also cited junked cars, mangled sidewalks, strewn garbage, and broken mailboxes as issues impeding mail delivery in Parkside. Unfortunately, it'll take more than a leash to address those problems.

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