Rory Koch was busted for child porn possession while running for Ramsey County commissioner

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Koch didn't let a child porn bust get in the way of his county commissioner campaign.
In the fall of 2010, Rory Koch, a longtime employee of the Minnesota House of Representatives, ran for Ramsey County commissioner.

Though he didn't win the election, Koch ended up receiving a respectable 25 percent of the vote. Little did Ramsey County residents know when they cast their ballots that two months before the election, police searched Koch's Grand Avenue apartment and found loads of child porn.

On Monday, Koch was charged with 12 counts of possession of child pornography. He has not yet been arrested.

Koch, 39, has worked for the House since 1999, where he currently serves as administrator of the House Government Operations and Elections Committee. He was previously chair of the 4th Congressional District Republicans.

According to the criminal complaint, the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force received a child porn tip from America Online in June 2009. AOL reported that someone using the screen name Chadwhite73 may be disseminating child porn from an AOL e-mail account. Investigators traced that account back to Koch.

With a warrant, police searched Koch's apartment in September 2010. Police quickly found a photo of a 15- or 16-year-old male in a sexual pose on his computer, and Koch acknowledged "he has received child pornography over the Internet."

Police ended up finding loads of child porn on his computer, culminating in Monday's charges.

The investigative process has to take its course with a presumption of innocence, but given that a search caught Koch red-handed with child porn two months before the November 2010 election, in an ideal world that seems like information Ramsey County voters probably would've liked to have known, doesn't it?

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