School superintendent to Mike Stone: No dice on porn star prom

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Reyes and Piper aren't destined to enjoy Mike Stone's companionship after all.
Mike Stone probably spent the last 24 hours dreaming about what it'll be like to take porn stars Megan Piper and Emy Reyes to prom.

Awkward introductions. A romantic dance. A late night photo shoot, perhaps.

But his dreams have already been dashed, as today, Oakdale superintendent Patty Phillips proclaimed that she won't allow porn stars at her school's prom.

According to the Pioness Press, Phillips cited the school's "standard prom procedure" as the reason. That procedure, we'd presume, doesn't allow non-student porn stars to crash the party.

Stone could perhaps try suing the school for a violation of his human rights, though we doubt he'd have much luck. He's probably better off just finding another date. It won't be as exciting, sure, but considering his social networking skills, it shouldn't prove too difficult.

So while we empathize with Stone's disappointment, we ask him to think about it -- when it comes to porn stars like Piper and Reyes, in today's internet age, dreaming up more pleasant fantasies is always just a click away.

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