Sid Hartman joins Twitter, hilarity ensues

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I defy you to find anybody older than Sid Hartman on Twitter.
Sid Hartman is old as dirt -- the Twin Cities most iconic sports scribe turns 92 a week from today.

Sid's so old, he was general manager of the Minneapolis Lakers. Really, he was.

Twitter, on the other hand, is young and hip. How many of you follow anybody born before 1950? Yeah, exactly. Not only was Hartman born before 1950, he may actually have been conceived while his parents celebrated the end of World War I.

Having said that, it was a shocking moment in internet history yesterday afternoon when Sid's Twitter account was discovered. So shocking that a look at some of the funniest reactions seems warranted.

Here's Sid's first tweet, offered up hours after his account went live:
And here, from earlier in the day, are some of the best responses to the shocking news that the world's oldest sportswriter is on Twitter:
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