Steve Loeding, Minneapolis cop, under investigation after posting threatening Facebook status about "Somali hangout spot"

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Loeding may have violated the MPD's social media policy with his controversial status update.
Minneapolis cop Steve Loeding is under investigation after posting a threatening Facebook status about a "Somali hangout spot" flying an upside-down American flag.

The MPD's policy and procedures manual bars employees from using social networking sites "to harass or attack others."

Loeding, 40 and a 15-year veteran of the MPD, posted the comment about the area around South 26th Avenue and East 25th Street around 8:30 Sunday night. He deleted it by Monday morning, but by that time screengrabs of his status had already been sent to city officials.

Here's what Loeding said (from the Pioneer Press):
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Loeding went on to make the following remarks in response to comments left on his status:
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Loeding was pissed about an upside-down flag he said he saw near S. 26th & E. 25th.
... it has nothing to do with a cop enforcing a Non-law... it has everything to do with me, an American citizen, who loves and respects my country and it's (sic) symbols (the eagle, the flag)...

... It pisses me off that these immigrants have been 'forced' to live in a free country that would actually allow them to do this and they fly it upside down - a big '---- YOU' to the country that has given them the ability to work, practice their religion and treat our flag like a piece of ----. And I'd much rather teach people the proper respect than investigate a stolen bicycle from an unlocked garage...

... if I can educate the newest immigrants on the proper way to be respectful to the flag, then that is what I will do.
MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer confirmed to the PiPress that Loeding remains on duty with the traffic enforcement unit while under investigation. There is a mosque and Somali restaurant near the intersection of 26th & 25th, but nobody has confirmed Loeding's report of an upside-down flag in the area.

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