Stevens Square apartment fire: Origin 'undetermined'

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The fire was most likely caused by an electrical malfunction.
After a weekend-long investigation, the Minneapolis Fire Department has ruled the cause of an apartment fire in Stevens Square "undetermined."

According to the department's arson unit, the fire most likely started in the electrical room on the Northwest corner of the building, caused by some sort of electrical malfunction. Due to their "inability to access the room," investigators can't be certain.

Firefighters got the call around 2 a.m. Friday. The St. George Apartment complex, an old brick building just south of Downtown, was quickly going up in flames. The fire burned until Friday afternoon.

The three-alarm fire left the building in rough shape. The roof was ripped off, many windows were broken, and a thick layer of ice from hours of taking on water covered portions of the exterior. Here's what it looked like shortly after firefighters left Friday:


stevensaftermath 3.jpg

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    Stevens community has aweful managment. And had random small basement fires multiple times when I lived in one of their buildings . This iis far from suprising unfortunately.

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