Stevens Square apartment fire: The damage [PHOTOS]

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The building and everything around it is covered in ice from nearly 12 hours of taking on water.
Twelve hours after the first 911 call was placed, Minneapolis firefighters are leaving the site of a massive apartment fire in Steven Square, a densely populated area just south of downtown.

The fire department first got the call around 2:06 a.m that a complex on the corner of 2nd Avenue South and 17th Street East had gone up in flames. By 3:02 a.m. the flames had spread across the old brownstone building, and firefighters upgraded it to a third-alarm fire.

According to the fire department, the building contained 32 units, and all residents have been accounted for. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

Around 2 p.m., cleanup crews had gone to work on the damage. The roof of the building has been destroyed and many windows are broken. The exterior of the building, and the cars parked next to it, are completely iced over. After nearly 12 hours of taking on water, we can only imagine what the inside of the building must look like.



stevensaftermath 3.jpg


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Wow, that fire caused a lot of damage. The old building just couldn't take it. I am glad that everyone is alright. This is going to be a difficult situation on trying to find the cause of the fire and dealing with insurances. 

Elisa Jed |


Does anyone know if donations are being taken for the people who lost everything in this fire?


I don't think it is the one I lived in, but in the square, i lived at 1808. Sad:-(


Why do people call these brownstones? They're not. It's brick.


I smelled this and saw smoke yet on my way to work this morning on Franklin....crazy.

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