The Onion is Minnesota's most influential news site, study finds

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It may come as a surprise to some, but The Onion is more than just still alive... it's actually thriving here in Minnesota.
We really don't know what to think about this, so we'll just put it out there: According to Forbes, The Onion is Minnesota's most influential news site.

Minnesota is one of three states to hold that... distinction, the other two being Wisconsin and New Mexico. Nationally, USA Today is the most influential site across the most states, with the New York Times dominating the northeast and the Huffington Post controlling Appalachia.

The Onion is actually the only comedy site to crack the list at all. Perhaps us Minnesotans, along with our 'Sconnie neighbors (and New Mexicans?) are in the vanguard when it comes to consuming news with a sense of humor... or maybe we should grow up and start reading like adults.

Forbes figured out the most influential sites for each state by analyzing web click and story sharing data from Bitly. To see the state-by-state breakdown, click here.

And now that you've done that, feel free to go back to reading The Onion. Apparently everybody else in the state is doing it.

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