Trayvon Martin was "gang bangin'," says Bradlee Dean

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Bradlee Dean and co-host Jake MacAulay say the media is bias.
It seems like everyone has something to say about the Trayvon Martin killing.

Last month, Martin, a 17-year-old from Florida, was fatally gunned down by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman. Martin was unarmed, unless you count a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea.

Zimmerman is calling it self defense. Al Sharpton is drawing comparisons to Civil Rights-era Birmingham, Alabama. Geraldo Rivera blames the hooded sweatshirt.

Now, Bradlee Dean, Minnesota's controversial, rap-metal preacher, has decided to join the conversation. On his radio show, Dean and co-host Jake MacAulay presented their theories on the Martin case. According to the two hosts, it's an open-and-shut case of racism -- against white people.

Jake: "Because the kid's black, and because he's young, all the sudden, this other man is guilty. By the way, the other guy looks Hispanic."

Bradlee: "He is Hispanic. They're trying to blame the whites."

Jake: "So he's Hispanic. And so they pull in, guess who? [In Jesse Jackson impression voice] The Rev. Jesse Jackson. He's going to talk about this."

Bradlee: "Mr. Adulterer himself that wants to be MLK, but he just can't live up to par."

Later in the show, Jake goes onto compare Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's rhetoric to that of the "gay movement."

Jake: "It's just like Outkast coming up and having a song, Rosa Parks, and it's all about partying, and thinking they're going to tie their wagon onto what is good. And it's just like you see the gay movement tying their wagon onto what was good. You can't do that."

But of course, in the end, the media is really to blame.

Bradlee: "The Hispanic guy's a real happy guy, and then they show his mugshot, right. And then when the media gets a hold of him, the way they distort it, they turn it completely backwards. They forgot to show you the young man, the young black man was going around gang bangin'."

Listen to an excerpt of the interview here, via Ken Avidor:

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