Twin Cities one of America's 10 best metros for runners, says Forbes

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homer running.jpg
Homer would have an easier time running if he lived in the Twin Cities instead of Springfield.
Spring has arrived in the Twin Cities, which, for many of us, means canceling gym memberships and getting our butts outside for some sun-soaked exercise.

This will come as no surprise to those who have gotten in the habit of using the Twin Cities' beautiful trails, but according to a new list compiled by Forbes, we live in one of the best metros for runners.

Well-maintained, dedicated pedestrian trails around picturesque lakes, complete with great views of the city: What more could you ask for as you get outside and try to shake off those few extra pounds we all pack on during the drab days of winter?

Here's what Forbes had to say about the running scene in Minneapolis-St. Paul:
lake calhoun trail.jpg
With beautiful trails like the one around Lake Calhoun, who needs gyms?
The 50 or so miles of trails that weave in and around the Twin Cities make up for the infamous icy winters. It's not often you find cities that offer separate trails for runners and cyclists, but here you can stride at your own pace without the worry of a wayward biker weaving into your path. Training for a marathon? Practice your half around the 13.3 miles circling the beautiful Chain of Lakes just outside of downtown Minneapolis.
Need more evidence that Minnesota is a runner's paradise? (At least when temperatures aren't below freezing.) Consider that when The Big Man Upstairs was intelligently designing Minneapolis's Chain of Lakes, he made the shoreline almost exactly a half-marathon long. Or maybe it's just a pleasant coincidence. In either event, with warm sun shining down today and temps projected to be in the mid-70s tomorrow, there isn't a better time to get outside and rediscover all the glorious pedestrian trails you've neglected all winter.

-- Minneapolis is most fit city, according to Map My Fitness

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