Twin Cities one of the best metros for recent college grads, says

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Come here to attend one of our many fine colleges, stay here to find a job that'll pay for your apartment.
A new study from finds that the Twin Cities is one of the best metros for college students who want to find a job, make money, and have an affordable place to live.

The study looks at the top 25 markets with the most rental listings, and then compares figures for unemployment, cost of living, and annual mean wages, with double weight given to the unemployment numbers. Because if you can't find a job, what good is a nice apartment, right?

The Twin Cities' unemployment rate of 5.5 percent tied for the lowest out of any of the top ten metros. Mean wages, at $23.63, ranked sixth.

Notably, the list doesn't contain some of the cities normally associated with relocating recent college graduates, like New York, San Francisco, or Portland. In their place are a handful of cities you might not expect to see, like Baltimore, Kansas City, and Houston.

Also cracking the top ten? Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Raleigh/Durham, D.C., and Austin.

To read more about the study, click here.

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