UND women's hockey, facing Fighting Sioux ban, competes with no nickname or logo

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In order to compete in NCAA playoff tournaments, UND must scrub all Fighting Sioux references and images from its gear.
Late last month, the NCAA told UND the school "must forfeit competition" unless it scrubs the "hostile and abusive" Fighting Sioux name and Indian head logo from gear worn by athletes, school band members, cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots.

UND officials have apparently decided not forfeiting is more important than preserving the controversial nickname, as on Saturday the school's women's hockey team took to the ice as The Team With No Name during a 5-1 NCAA tournament loss to Minnesota.

Fighting Sioux lettering and logos were removed from everything from uniforms to bag tags to ensure UND complied with the NCAA's no-Fighting Sioux policy. UND's women hockey players took the ice wearing the team's regular road uniforms, which simply read "North Dakota" on the front.

UND had to go as far as to omit a team photograph from the game program, as players were wearing "Fighting Sioux" jerseys when the picture was taken.

Presumably, UND's other athletic teams will follow the women's hockey team's lead when they compete in championship tournaments, at least until the nickname is changed. The NCAA's forfeiture threat only applies to playoff games, but some competing schools have taken matters into their own hands and told UND they won't compete against the school until the nickname is changed once and for all.

That could happen as soon as this summer. A statewide referendum in June could put the fate of the Fighting Sioux nickname in the hands of North Dakota voters. If they reject the nickname, then perhaps the school will have a new and less controversial nickname in time for next year's hockey playoffs.

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My school, the University of Mississippi is in the process of changing their name from the Rebels to the Black Bears. Since the late 1980's the school has been trying to get away from the old image of the University into something more modern.

Here is an idea, let's ask the chief of the Sioux Nation. If he has no problems and gives his blessing then the NCAA should STFU.


This is ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing "hostile and abusive" about this nickname or logo. In most cases, team nicknames, logos and even mascots depicting Native Americans show a great deal of respect and this is no exception. The NCAA has been out of control about this sort of thing for far too long.

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It is rare for me to find something on the cyberspace that’s as entertaining and fascinating as what you’ve got here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and what’s more, you use source that are relevant to what you are talking about. You are certainly one in a million, well done!


Native Americans are tired of being mascots, after everything that has happened throughout history, having other teams chant "Sioux Sucks" or "Small pox blankets" does not show a "great deal of respect".  When UND chose the name, Native Americans weren't even allowed to enroll in their school.

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