Voter ID advances to House floor

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During today's committee hearing, Dean quickly called for a vote on the photo ID proposal...
A constitutional amendment requiring voters to show photo ID when casting their ballots is headed to the House floor.

Today, the House Rules Committee approved the proposed amendment in a 13-9 party-line vote. A companion bill is pending in the Senate Rules Committee.

If approved by the full House and Senate, the following question would be put to voters this November: "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require all voters to present valid photo identification on election day and that the state provide free identification to eligible voters?"

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... putting an end to Thissen's questioning about how the ID requirement would impact absentee voters.
The Star Tribune characterized today's committee debate as "tense and abridged." Minority Leader Paul Thissen, D-Minneapolis, raised concerns about how absentee and military voters could be expected to present photo ID. He said he's concerned "we have voted to disenfranchise our folks serving overseas."

But Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, cut Thissen off and forced a vote. In response, Thissen told Dean that "on a vote to suppress voting, it's interesting you're suppressing debate."

If approved by the legislature, the proposed amendment bypasses Gov. Dayton and goes directly to voters. Democrats have asked Republicans to delay advancing the amendment until lawmakers consider a DFL-supported alternative that wouldn't require ID but would require voters to have a picture of themselves taken at a polling place, but today's vote indicates Republicans aren't interested in electronic "poll books."

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