Warren Jeffs inundating county officials in rural Minnesota with certified and priority mailings

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West Central Tribune
A sampling of the mailings Kandiyohi County officials have received from Jeffs in recent months.
As if we needed more evidence that Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are about as bizarre as it gets, consider this: County officials in west central Minnesota have been receiving stacks and stacks of priority and certified mailings from Jeffs over the past couple months.

Why is Jeffs targeting officials in Lac qui Parle, Kandiyohi, Renville, and Swift counties for his apocalyptic messages? Nobody knows, as was the case in late January when observers tried to divine the Fundamentalist Church's motivation for running cryptic ads in newspapers throughout the country.

But according to the mailings, Jeffs is trying to spread his message to national and international leaders in hopes... that they might convert to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? More likely, Jeffs probably hopes his fire-and-brimstone spamming might help spring him from prison.

According to the West Central Tribune, some of the envelopes being received by county officials contain 43-page booklets, others bound books that run nearly 150 pages.
Jeffs is spamming government officials to spread the Fundamentalist Church's message... and try and get himself out of prison.

The materials contain proclamations and warnings of "whirlwind judgments" to governments around the world if Jeffs' message isn't headed. And oh yeah, Jeffs also says it might be a good idea to release him from prison, where he is currently serving life plus 20 years for two felony counts of child sexual assault.

County officials told the Tribune that after looking over the first batch or two of mailings, which have been arriving just about every week, they've now begun blindly recycling them or sending them back to the sender in hopes they stop getting spammed.

Despite being in prison, the mailings demonstrate Jeffs still has lots of financial support -- one of the recent packets sent to Swift County cost the sender $9.15 to mail. The packets include order forms allowing officials to purchase additional materials, but with more mailings arriving each week than could possibly be read, why in Jehovah's name would officials want to spend money to subject themselves to more of Jeffs' ramblings?

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