Wisconsin legislator receives an envelope full of poop

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Poop envelope.jpg
Lena Taylor's Facebook
Signed, stooled, delivered.
Someone in Milwaukee really, really wants a mine in Northern Wisconsin.

He or she wants that mine so badly, in fact, that when state Sen. Lena Taylor wrote an op-ed in the Milwaukee Courier pointing out that extracting iron ore can cause health problems for nearby residents, this mining supporter got pretty mad. Pooping mad.

So in response this person did . . . just . . . the worst thing. Ever.

Taylor's op-ed seems like a perfectly even-keeled note on the history of environmental racism, and about how her efforts to learn more about mining and its health consequences is a bipartisan effort. "Even-keeled" is not how one might describe the response she got.

Lena Taylor.jpg
Senator Lena Taylor
According to her spokesperson, it was actually the poor Capitol mailroom workers who had to deal directly with a strange and reeking bubble-pack that arrived late last week. The return address said only, "Milwaukee Trade Unions Want The Iron Mine." It smelled so bad that the aide was alerted by the mailroom, and then Taylor and the Capitol police were called.

Let's hope there's a ton of poopy fingerprints all over it, because what the police found inside appeared to be human feces. Taylor posted a pic of the envelope to her Facebook page with this explanation:

Unfortunately a mining supporter decided to send an envelope full of human excrement to my office. I apologize to the Capitol Police and Senate mail staff for having to open and dispose of this incredibly stupid idea someone had.

And a cap should also be doffed to whoever the poor postal worker was who had to handle this thing. For neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, will stay people from being complete assholes.

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