Accretive's CEO takes shot at AG Lori Swanson over Fairview controversy

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Accretive's CEO isn't pleased Swanson (pictured) issued a scathing public criticism of her company.
On Tuesday, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson blasted Chicago-based Accretive Health, the debt collection agency formerly used by Fairview hospitals, for using "boiler-room-style" tactics to try and get emergency room patients to pay their bills upfront.

Today, Accretive's CEO shot back.

During a brief interview with Chicago Health Care Daily, CEO Mary Tolan implored journalists to "do your own research on this attorney general and her approaches, and that's all in the public record."

Tolan wouldn't detail which of Swanson's "approaches" she finds so interesting, but instead said her company is "focused on our positives, our company track record, and I think the truth will come out."

Swanson, a DFLer, first won election as AG in 2006, defeating her Republican challenger by more than 10 percent. She comfortably won reelection in 2010.

In 2008, she found herself mired in controversy when she rejected then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty's request that she consider having Minnesota join more than a dozen other state Attorneys General in suing the federal government over Obamacare's individual mandate. Swanson not only declined, but went as far as informing T-Paw that she'd file a friend-of-the-court brief defending the law.

Two years prior to that controversy, Swanson found herself taking heat from liberals for opposing a union organizing effort within her office.

Say what you will about those "approaches," but they still fall far short of hassling emergency room patients to pay their bills before they're cared for or while they're convalescing in a hospital bed.

Perhaps Tolan had little choice but to try and fire back in hopes of taking some heat off her company. Yesterday, the day after Swanson went public with her criticism of Accretive's tactics, the company's stock plunged 42 percent. If things don't turn around quick, Accretive may soon find itself in intensive care, on life support.

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Mn Voter
Mn Voter

Swanson knows that nothing good ever came out of Chicago! Typical thug re-action from Accretive Health which is a very common ploy from chicago thug politicians and business.


Would this objectionable "approach" by AG Swanson include shutting down the National Arbitration Forum after it was discovered that the Forum was affiliated with -- wait for it -- Accretive, LLC, which owned the debt collectors filing claims with the Forum?

(Accretive Health is also part of the Accretive, LLC debt collection family.)

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

Troll much?

Arbitration is the first refuge of corporate marauders, a privatized court system in which only the monied have a voice, and their victims can just go fuck themselves. (You can't become an arbiter unless the corporations like you so three guesses how that works out.)

Whichever PR firm you spin for, that's a dreadful talking point. This isn't a Fox News forum, and no one here (other than Kirk the Conservative Jerk) is ever going to buy into that crap.

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