Amy Senser was on cell phone during fatal accident, police say

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Amy Senser was talking to her daughter when she killed a man, prosecutors allege
Amy Senser was talking on the phone when she ran over Anousone Phanthavong, a new revelation leading prosecutors to file a new criminal vehicular homicide charge against her for reckless driving.

The new charge means Senser faces three counts of criminal vehicular homicide for running over Phanthavong on the I-94 Riverside exit ramp last August. Phanthavong was filling his stalled car with gas when Senser hit him with her Mercedes.

Amy Senser has never denied running over Phanthavong but denies knowing that she hit him. Prosecutors allege she called one of her daughters at 11:08, and was talking to her when Amy hit Phanthavong at 11:10.

Senser's daughters were at a Katy Perry concert in St. Paul waiting for their mother that evening, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors were able to determine Senser was on her phone at the time of the accident due to "evidence turned over by the defense," according to the Pioneer Press.

More details are not available at this time.

When Amy and her husband, Joe Senser, realized she had been in a car crash the next morning, they called a lawyer. Nine days later, they revealed that Amy Senser was driving the Mercedes that night.

Her trial was scheduled for April 23 but could be pushed back due to the new charge of criminal vehicular homicide for reckless driving.

Phanthavong had been the head chef at True Thai restaurant before his death.


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