Chad Nelson, KSTP cameraman, assaulted by Minneapolis police [VIDEO]

The cop in the background is about the destroy the videocamera that's filming him.
The Occupy movement staged a re-occupation on Saturday, and the TV media showed up to cover the news event. Little did KSTP cameraman Chad Nelson know that he would be assaulted by a cop, who totally thrashes his expensive video camera.

The entire event was caught on tape by Rogue Media and dutifully re-played several times in slow motion so you can see the look of callous disregard on the officer's face as he shoves the camera up and over Nelson's shoulder, sending the expensive equipment hurtling to the pavement.

"The whole world is watching!" chants ring out, and in this case, it couldn't be more apt. In trying to censor Nelson, the officer stars in a video that will be seen by far more viewers. And now KSTP is publicly demanding answers about the incident. Bravo, Officer Friendly!

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