Chad Nelson, KSTP cameraman, filing criminal complaint [VIDEO]

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Minneapolis officer KSTP.JPG
rubicondrawn via YouTube
The unnamed officer who pushed KSTP's camera to the ground.
Chad Nelson, the photojournalist who was man-handled by a Minneapolis police officer while filming for KSTP Saturday night, has decided to file a criminal complaint.

That's according to his news director Lindsay Radford, who was in a meeting with him this morning. It's still not certain who the officer in question is. Radford says the station's attorneys are figuring that out now.

It shouldn't be long until the name is public -- new footage in color shows a close-up of the officer's face.

A protester who filmed the altercation with his own camera moments before getting arrested uploaded his recovered footage last night. It shows even clearer the moment the officer shoves Nelson, and the camera bounces off the pavement:

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