Chief Tim Dolan 'very disappointed' by KSTP cameraman shoving incident [UPDATE]

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Chief Dolan responds to a taped incident of an officer shoving a cameraman.
Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan has responded to a video showing one of his officers pushing a news camera off the shoulder of photographer Chad Nelson on Saturday night.

"From my preliminary review of the video regarding Mr. Nelson, the officer's interference does not appear to be necessary," he writes in a statement released this morning. "If that is the case, I am a [sic] very disappointed."

But that's not all Chief Dolan has done since finding out about the incident, according to KSTP news director Lindsay Radford.

Nelson was trying to record an arrest taking place on Nicollet Mall during a "Re-Occupy Minneapolis" demonstration. While one officer was cuffing a marcher, a second one came up on Nelson's left. Based on footage of the incident, the second officer appeared to violently shove the heavy camera, causing the equipment to break. Nelson also told Radford that his neck and shoulder were injured. (Watch the incident here.)

Radford demanded a meeting with Dolan over the incident. She just got word that, along with an Internal Affairs investigation, Dolan has agreed to reach out to Nelson to discuss what happened. 

Update: KSTP reports on its own site that Dolan called Nelson and apologized.

"We're pleased that the police department is looking into the matter so quickly and that they're taking it seriously," says Radford.

Here's Dolan's full statement:

The Minneapolis Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit is in the process of reviewing the incident involving a KSTP cameraman Chad Nelson last Saturday evening. We instructed all of our officers before this, and any demonstration, to not take individual actions unless they are warranted for personal safety. From my preliminary review of the video regarding Mr. Nelson, the officer's interference does not appear to be necessary. If that is the case, I am a very disappointed.

Timothy J. Dolan
Chief, Minneapolis Police

Radford adds that after station engineers looked at the camera, they found that the damage was minimal and it's now back in working order. Nelson's footage from the evening was salvaged as well.

"We're going to take the next 24 hours to just reassess everything," she says. "Chad wanted to take some time to consider what his options are."

Although she's pleased with the police department's rapid response, Radford said KSTP will still back Nelson should he choose to move forward with any kind of criminal or civil action against the cop.

Says Radford: "We still feel the behavior of the officer was out of line for the environment."

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While having a seizure, my family called 911.On the medical call, the police tazered me, handcuffed me, and caused my heart to stopAll because they where stupid and had no training, the only thing they do know is violence!!!They are out of control, we need to stop letting citizens of this country get abused by the Police


Why are the charges against the Occupiers NOT being dropped?  Why does our city tolerate police brutality?  Why does (right-wing Hubbard-owned) KSTP get special treatment, but NOT those exercising free speech rights - they were AMBUSHED after being lied to by Dolan.  OH, well two-tiered justice at its usual worst.


You need to take him to the cleaners bub.  One has to draw the line and say, "No MORE!".Otherwise it'll just get worse.


Hi Scott,Is there a chance you'd like to share more? Email me at


I love how you point to the fact that Hubbard is a "right-wing" owned organization, while the right-winged trolls posting on the Strib and PiPress point to this incident as evidence that KSTP is just another "media company in bed with the left."

It's a really sad state when a story such as this, which is clear-cut and without any political motive (a journalist executing his first amendment right) gets spun by the local web trolls on all the local media outlets in a way that backs their own ideological belief.

The liberals point to the Hubbard's donation to Karl Rove's Super PAC and KSTP's frequent investigations into government spending as evidence of their liberal leanings, while conservatives scream whenever the station gives even 15 seconds to a liberal cause or a member of the DFL.

Please, just explain this to me: How does the Hubbard's ideological beliefs influence the outcome of this story in ANY WAY?????

Seriously, can we have JUST ONE piece of news that isn't spun by the trolls in their favor?????

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