Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn: Is this his mystery woman? [PHOTO]

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Dayna Cline works at Best Buy's Leadership Institute
Details are beginning to emerge about the woman who led to the abrupt resignation of Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn on Tuesday morning, and the Star Tribune seems to think it knows her identity.

On today's front page, the mystery lady was described as a "29-year-old woman who worked at Best Buy's leadership training institute at its headquarters in Richfield."

Dayna Cline is the "Leadership Institute Coordinator" for Best Buy and appears to be about 29 years old based on publicly available photos.

Star Tribune retail reporter Tom Lee, the author of today's story, also referred to Dayna Cline by name in a direct Tweet asking Dunn for confirmation:

A preserved version of a Tweet from a Star Tribune reporter naming Dayna Cline.

We called Greg Hitt, the spokesman for Best Buy on the investigation, and asked him directly if it was true.

"I am not engaging on details," Hitt said tersely. "I am not confirming or denying anything."

Brian Dunn was Best Buy's CEO until he resigned Tuesday.
Dunn resigned in the midst of an investigation alleging that "he used company resources to carry out an inappropriate relationship with a female employee."

According to the Star Tribune, there were "multiple complaints that Dunn behaved inappropriately with a female subordinate."

A message sent to Dayna Cline via her Facebook page was not returned. There is no home phone listing under that name in Minnesota, and a message left for Dayna Cline at Best Buy's Leadership Institute went unreturned.

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