Dayton vetoes two abortion-restricting bills

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Dayton is a steadfast supporter of a woman's right to choose.
Today, Gov. Mark Dayton announced he's vetoing a bill that would've banned so-called "telemedicine abortions" and required the physical presence of a doctor when an abortion is performed.

Last Thursday, Dayton announced his veto of a separate bill that would've required abortion clinics to be licensed and subject to random inspections, meaning neither of the abortion bills approved by the Republican-controlled legislature survived the governor's veto pen.

Referring to the telemedicine abortion ban, Dayton wrote: "This bill continues the Legislature's attempt to place new regulatory burdens only on certain health procedures."

Later in his veto letter, Dayton writes that "Minnesota's laws should not target or restrict the Constitutional rights of women."

In his letter vetoing the licensure and inspection bill, Dayton alludes to the fact that no other clinics providing outpatient surgeries in Minnesota are subject to such requirements, which suggests MNGOPers targeted abortion clinics for political reasons.

"If regulation of clinics were the concern, the bill should have required licenses of all clinics, not just a select few," Dayton wrote.

It doesn't appear either bill has enough support in the legislature to override the governor's veto. In related news, Minnesotans who support a woman's right to choose look east and are very, very happy Tom Emmer is not our governor.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

THAT'S awesome!!!!

Now I can open that abortion clinic in my garage.  I think I still have a few wire coat hangers lying around. 

Funny that Dayton also Vetoed the GOP bill that would allow the use of real fireworks in Minnesota.  Freedom for some, but not for the masses.Bow down to the fire lobbyist...

Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.
Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.

Now we need to introduce a bill that requires all generational welfare mothers to have mandatory abortions each time they get knocked every 9 months. 


Dayton 1 : Ricky Perry 0


Yeah, It's this laser-like focus on jobs from the MN GOP, along with internal disarray and bankruptcy, that will turn them back into the minority again. I hope that the evangelicals enjoyed their brief stint at the helm of the sinking ship.


The GOP: we're for government regulation if it doesn't protect the environment or anybody's health.  Bonus if it's a slam against women, gays, or racial minorities.


 Probably cheaper to distribute condoms and literature.

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