Judi Dutcher's son star of best high school class president video ever [VIDEO]

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Ryan Hedblom could be the next Larry McCarthy.
After seeing his campaign video, how could any Minnetonka High School student not vote for Ryan Hedblom for president of the student body?

After all, if the Minnetonka student president race is anything like the campaigns that took place in my high school, then it's not like there are serious, polarizing issues of war and peace distinguishing one candidate from the next.

But win or lose, Hedblom is the star of an Austin Powers-themed campaign spot that's just... groovy.

Making it even groovier is the fact that Hedblom is the son of Judi Dutcher, the first female state auditor in Minnesota history.

Assuming Hedblom puts half as much effort into governing Minnetonka high's student body as he did this video, his fellow students will be in good hands. The election happens this Friday.

Without further ado, here's the video:

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Surprised he got away with calling himself "shagadelic"


Yes, but does he know what I am?


Love the creative video from Ryan Hedblom.  If I was voting, he'd have my vote.  P.S.  I voted for his mother too!

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