Michele Bachmann endorses Allen Quist for Congress

Allen Quist also has a slight financial lead on GOP rival Mike Parry.
In March 2010, shortly after Mike Parry won the Minnesota District 26 Senate seat, we ran a story questioning whether he would be the state's next Michele Bachmann.

The thesis of City Pages writer Matt Snyders was that, like Bachmann, Parry seemed to revel in creating controversy by way of word vomit (or Twitter vomit). Bachmann even endorsed Parry for the legislative spot, calling him "a steadfast champion of conservative values who will stand up to the big-spending, big-taxing liberals in the Legislature."

But it seems that Parry failed to win Bachmann over in the two years since. This week, Bachmann sent a letter to supporters endorsing Allen Quist, Parry's GOP competition in the 1st District Congressional race.

"You should support Allen because he is someone you can trust," writes Bachmann. "I don't have to tell you that trust is a rare commodity in today's political world."

He may not have her blessing, but he still has her facial expression.
Parry and Quist are both vying for the seat currently held by DFLer Tim Walz. In the letter, Bachmann touts her relationship working with Quist for EdWatch, the conservative education watchdog.

"The reason our organization did so much good was largely because of Allen's intellectual firepower and courage," writes Bachmann. "Many thousands of Minnesota students owe a huge debt of gratitude to Allen for his highly successful work with EdWatch."

As the Post-Bulletin notes, Quist recently took a slight financial lead over Parry. We'll wait and see what a letter of recommendation from Bachmann does for Quist's chances in winning the party endorsment.

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While those of us with low IQs are concerned about her use of the term "tar baby", she goes and does something actually egregiously stupid by endorsing Quist.

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