Mike Parry, U.S. House candidate, suggests he'd keep troops deployed until economy improves

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Parry's logic: Too many returning troops end up unemployed, so may as well keep them deployed.
When is the right time to bring American troops home from Afghanistan? Whatever you think the answer is, you probably believe it has little to do with how the domestic job market is faring -- unless you're Mike Parry.

Minnesota Senator Parry, R-Waseca, is running against former state representative Allen Quist for the GOP endorsement to take on U.S. Representative Tim Walz this November. Their contest will be decided this weekend when Republicans make an endorsement during the First District convention in North Mankato.

On Friday, Parry and Quist appeared on Twin Cities Public Television's Almanac show. And when asked whether he'd support military spending cuts, Parry offered up a doozy of a response.

Parry, a veteran, suggested he thinks the military budget can be
trimmed, but then quickly steered his response in a different direction
and addressed the largely unrelated issued of when deployed troops should be brought home.

Here's what he said:

We're sure many currently deployed soldiers would take issue with Parry's view.
A lot of people ask me if I'm willing to bring the troops home. Absolutely, any veteran out there wants to bring the troops home, but let's be realistic about this. You bring the troops home, and what are we going to have for them to do?

There is unemployment unbelievable (sic) amongst those that are coming home, and that's a big concern. Once we get our economy back in shape, let's bring all the troops home, because then they'll have a job.
In other words, forget about military strategy, moral obligations, and the psyche of the troops... for Parry, it's all about the economy. We're sure deployed soldiers, many of whom presumably miss their families while away from home, would be appalled to learn that a congressional candidate would have them stay abroad until the domestic job market improves. As a veteran, you'd think Parry would know better.

-- Hat tip to Minnesota politics blog Bluestem Prairie.

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Tim Walz probably just stopped worrying.  The problem the GOP has is that they don't believe in government in the first place.  They don't take it seriously.  They think everyone is as cynical as they are, so they don't bother thinking things through.  They also have an amazing sense of entitlement and victimhood, so along with assuming everyone else is as much on the make as they are, they assume everyone is conspiring to harm them.  The only reason they still exist as a major party is that there are still a lot of people who have no idea how things actually work in modern America who can be fooled, and there are some people with deep pockets who are willing to cynically fool the dupes. 

I mean really.  You have a center-right politician like Walz, with a distinguished military record, and the candidates you come up with are Allen Quist and this goofball Parry?  Talk about unserious.


The logic on display here is mind blowing in so many ways.


Is it just me, or does Parry look like a pinkish-orange version of "The Mask?"

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

Yeah its definitely a little creepy. He's got a good amount of foundation going on there.

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