Minnesota Republicans recited Pledge of Allegiance to a clown, says Lynne Torgerson

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Torgerson claims the GOP's 5th District convention was like a circus -- literally.
Earlier this month, Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Lynne Torgerson dropped out of the race for the GOP nomination to take on Congressman Keith Ellison this November. It looks like Ellison's opponent with be Chris Fields, who won the party's backing during the 5th District convention on April 14.

While that might not really qualify as news -- after all, Fields faces extremely long odds in his bid to unseat the popular Ellison -- Torgerson's bizarre account of the proceedings at the aforementioned Republican convention is worth sharing.

She claims, for instance, that 5th District Republicans were at first reluctant to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, then only did so after a man wearing a clown suit with a hat resembling a flag came forward. The clown, who Torgerson says wore the hat "to desecrate our flag," led delegates as they finally recited the Pledge.

It should be mentioned that anyone who takes Torgerson seriously does so at their own peril -- after all, she threw her hat into the GOP race in part because she felt compelled "to expose Keith Ellison for being a radical Islamist." But assuming she didn't simply concoct the Republicans-pledging-allegiance-to-a-clown's-hat story, that's some pretty bizarre stuff.

After lamenting the fact that the convention was overrun with "Ron Paul Libertarians," Torgerson gives the following account of the clown-flag convention hijinks on her blog:
With no flag to be seen, a flag-adorned clown came forward to lead the Pledge, says Torgerson.
There was no opening prayer. Not even a mention of it.

There was also no Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag.

Then, a man up front stood up and requested that we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. But alas, upon looking around, there was not a flag to be seen.

Then, a clown came forward, dressed in garb, with a very large hat, that somewhat resembled a flag... it appears that this person was wearing the US flag in order to desecrate our flag...

The clown in the flag suit then went up front and stood on the stage. We were then led in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Stunning. To me this seemed a further desecration of the US flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. I refused to participate.
Torgerson ends her post by wryly noting that "This is what is going on in your Republican Party folks."

You can't make that up!... Can you?

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Just try to figure what college Chris Fields graduated Magna Cum Laude from.  The interwebs failed me and he consistently neglects to mention the college when discussing his honors.  Honestly curious.


I do not understand why the lack of an opening prayer would even be worth a mention. This wasn't a religious service she was attending.


traitorous behavior at least

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

The Ron Paulites have taken over everything.  In the conventions, they have secured the positions of SD & CD "Chair", Deputy Chair", "Treasurer", "Vice Chair", etc.  They currently run 75% of the state party.They also comprise most of the delegates.  (delegates select who gets on the ballot)Almost every delegate and alternate going to Tampa for the GOP Convention this August is part of the Ron Paul slate.  The establishment is pissed!

BTW, the legalization of recreation drugs is coming in some form.Well, as long as the democrats don't get in the way.


There is a non-denominational invocation that occurs at most political conventions, thus the lack of a prayer is potentially worth noting.


 I'll take Ron Paul Crazy over Michelle Bachmann Religious Fervor Crazy any day of the week...its a move in the right direction

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