Police Chief Tim Dolan will not seek a third term

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Chief Dolan began his law enforcement career in 1978.
In a statement released late this morning, Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan announced that as of 2013, he will no longer serve as the city's top cop

"I have given notice to Mayor R.T. Rybak that I will not be seeking a third term when my current term as Chief expires in January of next year," he wrote.

An internal memo was sent to Rybak and Minneapolis City Council earlier today.

Here's the memo in full:

I have given notice to Mayor R.T. Rybak that I will not be seeking a third term when my current term as Chief expires in January of next year. 

I started in law enforcement as a Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputy in 1978 and came to the Minneapolis Police Department in 1983. After serving the people of Minnesota for over 34 years I feel it is time to move on to the next stage of life. It has been a great honor to have served here as both acting Chief and Chief since 2006.

I have lived and/or worked in the City of Minneapolis my entire life. Every day that I put on the uniform, I consider myself fortunate and honored to work with the finest team I have known. Thank you all for making that possible.

I will continue my duties as Chief until I retire late this year. I will provide public comment about my career, tenure as chief, and future plans at that time.

Minutes later, Rybak's office released its own announcement, crediting him for the steep decline in urban crime and for souping up the use of high-tech crime fighting techniques.

"Chief Dolan is not done: he has much good work left to do, but he deserves our deep thanks and gratitude for his years of exemplary public service and for making Minneapolis a much safer, stronger city," Rybak writes.

Dolan's announcement says he is currently at a conference in D.C., but will comment publicly on his decision at a later time.

This is the second major public safety official to announce a departure this year -- in January, Fire Chief Alex Jackson stepped down as well.

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Mn Voter
Mn Voter

And his retirment is over $110,000 per year? We wonder why the taxpayers are revolting.

Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.
Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.

"....steep decline in urban crime...."?

Um....that's because all the crime moved from North Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center/Park.



Probably embarrassed by all the police brutality being reported against the Minneapolis Police Department...


I don't find all taxpayers revolting.  Just you.


But unlike other places, Minnesota police officers contribute roughly 16% of their annual salary to a pension fund.  Find me a CEO in the private sector who has over 1000 employees, is on call 24x7, and gets a pension--after 30 years that is as low as that, especially after contributing 16% of their annual salary to the pension fund.

Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.
Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.

Not to mention Columbia Heights, Fridley, Blaine, Mounds View, Coon Rapids, New Brighton, Anoka, Champlain, etc. etc.  They ran out of Section 8 housing in Minneapolis, so they shipped them out to the burbs.  

Mn Voter
Mn Voter

I'm not impressed because most CEO's do not get a pension - period. They get 401K and what they contribute at 100%

I can find you many CEO's who retire without pensions (start with the 3,000 car distributors that had their business's stolen by Obama in the GM scandal).

How about capping the pension at 75K and have the police put in 50%? When did the cops start retiring at 110K per year? It is obscene.

Most taxpayers have to fund 100% of their own pensions and after 40 years end up with just social security. Now many 20 somethings are not finding jobs and work for 20K per year to start when they do. Public payroll's will come down because there are no taxpayers to keep the stiff cost up.


Exactly--kind of points to the effectiveness of Minneapolis PD at moving the crime out of the city, doesn't it?

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