Reggie Williams, former Twins prospect, goes on homophobic Twitter rant

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Williams took to Twitter to express his, um, curiosity about why there are so many gays these days.
Reggie Williams was drafted by the Twins in 2007 and spent the better part of five years putting up unimpressive numbers in the low minor leagues.

At the time he went wild with a homophobic Twitter rant on Saturday, most everyone thought Williams was still employed by the Minnesota Twins organization. Only later did it come to light that he was actually released by the Twins early this month.

Though he's no longer associated with the Twins, Williams' rant is perhaps still worth sharing, simply because it raises the time-honored question -- what the hell was he thinking?

Here's how it started:
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Williams was then asked by a homo-friendly follower why he felt the need to ask such questions in the first place, on Twitter of all places. Here's how Williams responded:
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But Williams' pièce de résistance may have been the last few tweets of his rant, where he tries to draw a strange analogy between drug abuse and homosexuality:
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Anybody who has witnessed an athlete meltdown on Twitter before can probably guess how Williams' story concludes: With a deletion of the offensive tweets and an apology: With the Twins set to unveil the organization's long-awaited "It Gets Better" video next month, it's probably safe to say Minnesota won't have interest in Williams' services again anytime soon. What about other teams? Twitter boneheadedness aside, his .256 batting average in the low minors last year suggests he should probably start polishing his resume.

Maybe Marcus Bachmann is hiring?

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