Rick Santorum gives Bemidji Woolen Mills a shoutout, concedes to Romney

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Santorum sweater vest.jpg
Santorum loves his trademark, Bemidji-made sweater vests.
In the moments after Rick Santorum announced he's suspending his presidential campaign, effectively surrendering the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney, a local Twitter personality offered up the following analysis:

"I'm devastated that Rick Santorum has suspended his Presidential campaign." -- No one.

But that analysis isn't quite on the mark. In fact, there's a group of Minnesotans who are surely sad to see Santorum go -- namely, the good folks working at the Bemidji Woolen Mills.

You see, during today's presser, Santorum quoted Reagan, announced the suspension of his campaign, thanked the Bemidji Woolen Mills, and took no questions. Clearly, Santorum's Minnesota-made sweater vests served as a major inspiration throughout his campaign, right up there with the Gipper.

Santorum, in fact, said folks at the Woolen Mills told him he's the best customer they've ever had. We don't doubt it, judging by the dazzling variety of sweater vests in his wardrobe.

In January, Santorum offered a Bemidji-made vest to anybody who donated $100 or more to his presidential campaign. And while today's result suggests Santorum probably would've liked to have been able to send a few more sweaters out to contributors, we bet the Woolen Mills still did some pretty brisk business.

Finally, here's a look at some of the funny reactions that were floating around the Twin Cities Twittersphere in the moments following Santorum's announcement: See also:
-- Santorum's trademark sweater vests are Minnesota-made

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