Timothy Bakdash sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering Benjamin Van Handel

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Judge Daniel Mabley gave Bakdash a strict sentence.
Timothy Bakdash will spend at least the next 27 years behind bars for running over and killing University of Minnesota student Bejamin Van Handel after a night of heavy drinking last April.

Judge Daniel Mabley today sentenced Bakdash, 30,  to 40 years in prison, with his first parole eligibility to occur when he's 57 years old.

Mabley's sentence was extremely strict -- not only was 40 years more than twice what the defense asked for, it even surpassed the 25 years prosecutors expected.

Last month, a jury found Bakdash guilty of murder in the second degree as well as felony murder and criminal vehicular homicide. During testimony at the trial, Bakdash said he was extremely intoxicated the night he ran down Van Handel in Dinkytown, having ingested 15 to 20 drinks and three to five shots during a three-and-a-half-hour period.

"I was extremely intoxicated," Bakdash said. "I was in and out of reality. I was drunk, real drunk."
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Bakdash's heavy drinking and a case of mistaken identity led to Van Handel's death.

He told jurors he mistook Van Handel for a man he had argued with at the bar and intended to scare him by driving his car on the sidewalk near where Van Handel was walking. But next thing he knew, he had run down Van Handel and two women who ended up being hospitalized.

"It happened so fast," Bakdash said. After the hit-and-run, Bakdash drove home and was at work in Burnsville six hours later. He was arrested the following week.

Judge Mabley showed no mercy. Referring to Bakdash's nearly two-decade record of struggles with drugs and alcohol, he told Bakdash that "anyone who knew you knew this day would come."

When given the chance to speak today, Bakdash looked directly at Van Handel's family and apologized "for putting them through this painful experience." He said "there isn't a day I don't think about this," adding that his sorrow over the incident is so profound that he's "wanted to kill myself."

Some observed that Bakdash seemed to lack emotion during his deadpan apology, but his defense attorney, Joseph Tamburino, said that's because Bakdash is "under a ton of meds."

Van Handel's father, asked after sentencing whether he thought justice was done, said, "I'm glad he's going to have to spend significant time in prison, but 'justice' is a word out there that I'm going to have to come to terms with."

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Maurinek Mcgill
Maurinek Mcgill

This is so sad all the way around no one wins My God people maybe we need to learn not to drink. This man is really no different than any other person who gets drunk and acts like an ass I know many men just like him Great humans who do the most unthinkable things. I do not believe 40 years is the right thing Its just to much might as well just kill him too so so sad. I pray for his family this life they are about to live sucks. Yes I understand someone a great young man died and his family too has a suck filled life ahead but why cant we try and learn something from this. Take the time to teach your children to be kind

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

What is the point of his life?  If he serves the full 40, he will cost the taxpayer 2.08 million. (at today's cost of 52k per yr)



Fuck you


I am hoping this gets applied to all those thugged out black people running around shooting people.


Hatred, revenge, anger... I hate this world.... sad, sad, sad....


 Must have been pretty bad to get removed from this site.

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