Tom Emmer: If I were guv, Minnesota would "make Wisconsin look like [an] ugly step-child"

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Emmer wishes Minnesota's politics more closely resembled Wisconsin's.
On Monday, the Kandiyohi County tea party held its fourth annual rally. Attendees were treated to a star-studded lineup of speakers, including conservative radio host Scott Hennen, congressional candidate Lee Byberg, and failed gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

As you'd expect, some outrageous comments were uttered during the course of the festivities. According to the West Central Tribune, the rally's opening prayer included a line calling President Obama the "liar in chief" --  a far cry from "Lord, please forgive me for my sins," no?

Hennen, for his part, called Obama a "fiscal child abuser," a characterization he supported by referencing the fact that government debt will be passed onto future generations.

But the pièce de résistance came courtesy of Emmer. Discussing a possible world where he defeated Mark Dayton in 2010 and become governor, Emmer said that with the help of a GOP-controlled legislature, an Emmer Administration would "make Wisconsin look like the poor ugly step-child that they are." Seems more like more of a threat than a promise to us, but obviously we're not Kandiyohi County tea partiers.

Responding to Emmer's remark, Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen writes: "Because nobody gets enough total recall, mass protest and duct tape on capitol marbles."

In any event, the tone of the rally suggests that we should buckle up for another campaign season chock-full of divisive rhetoric.

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Cray cray
Cray cray

Sore losers always have a lot to say.

JACC 1 Like

If I were Governor of Minnesota I'd bake Wisconsin a pie and invite them over for hot chocolate.

WI Resident
WI Resident

Tom Emmer would be welcome here in WI. We'd love to have him, MN can have Schultz!


Surely, you jest. Divisive rhetoric? One need look no further than The City Pages for that. Hypocrisy, hate, elitism, paternalistic condescension, outright snobbishness... All prerequisites for employment in this, the Twin Cities' bastion of progressive devolution.


I think Tom Emmer needs to move to Wisconsin if he thinks their politics are swell.

Jeff Fecke
Jeff Fecke 1 Like

Once again, thanks to the 9,000 Minnesotans who put Dayton over the top.

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