Torii Hunter: Cops 'drew guns on me'

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Photo by Keith Allison.
Torii Hunter chronicled the saga on Twitter.
Former Twins centerfielder Torii Hunter learned the hard way last night that his home security system works really well.

Hunter, who now plays for the Angels, started tweeting about a not-so-friendly run in with Newport police around 5:20.

According to Hunter, he accidentally set off his alarm when he was still in the house. A short time after, the cops showed up, guns drawn.

But apparently police weren't willing to take Hunter at his word that he actually lived there, and made him show them some identification. After showing them his ID, the officers not only let him go, but they recognized him. Hunter later reined his story in a little a bit. It sounds like the cops were holding their guns, but did not exactly have Hunter "at gunpoint."

Kathy Lowe, spokesman for the Newport Beach Police Department, confirmed that police indeed did pay a visit to Hunter's house last night, thought she couldn't add much more.

"The only thing I can tell you at this time is that we did respond to an alarm call at his home," she says. "It was an alarm activation that came in through an alarm company. We responded. We contacted Mr. Hunter outside of his home and confirmed that he was a resident there, and cleared the call."

Lowe couldn't speak to whether the officers had guns drawn. "I know that the officers handled the call in a tactically safe manner," she says.

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plain thoughts
plain thoughts

He should have been damn glad that the cops were that cautious to ID him, not to mention that they showed up to protect his life and limb.  It could have been a real burgler - that's why he has a security system.


How would he have liked the police to handle this?  Torii Hunter is not exactly a household name, and I couldn't pick him out of a (a'hem) lineup. Maybe they should have Trayvonned him.

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