Twin Cities overrated as a hipster haven, according to Travel+Leisure

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According to Travel+Leisure, San Juan is more hipster than the Twin Cities.
Last year, Minnesota was named the Most Hipster State. We would've assumed 'Sota's hipsterness is concentrated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, but a new list put together by Travel+Leisure suggests that's not the case.

Either that or both lists should be taken with a grain of salt. Actually, that's probably the best explanation for the discrepancy.

In any event, Travel+Leisure determined that the Twin Cities is only the 16th best city for hipsters in the county, behind unlikely hotbeds for artsy-ironicism like Savannah, San Juan (how does a Puerto Rican city qualify?), and Providence.

Here's how Travel+Leisure determined the rankings: Using input from readers who voted on the magazine's America's Favorite Cities survey, Travel+Leisure isolated hipster-relevant features like the quality of live music venues, coffee bars, and independent boutiques. Consideration was also given to the happeningness of local microbrew scenes and to the cities with the most offbeat and tech-savvy locals. To read more about the methodology, click here.

Here's what the magazine had to say about the Twin Cities:
hipster coffee.jpg
Despite our middling ranking, T+L does give high hipster marks to Uptown coffee shops.
The Twin Cities don't really qualify as gritty the way some hip havens do; the area ranks first for cleanliness in the survey and third for safety. But these Minnesotans have a lock on the arts-loving nerd factor, taking the silver for brains and fourth place for theater. These days, Uptown has a high density of interesting java places (with hipster-magnet names such as Namaste Coffee); techie types, meanwhile, congregate in the North Loop area, home of One on One Bicycle Studio, a combination coffee-gallery-bike-shop.
And here's the 1-15 rankings:
1. Seattle
2. Portland
3. San Francisco
4. New Orleans
5. Portland, Maine
6. Providence
7. Austin
8. San Juan
9. Philadelphia
10. Denver
11. Savannah
12. New York City
13. Santa Fe
14. Chicago
15. San Diego
Hmm... so it turns out Twin Citians live in the Most Hipster State yet but in a metro area with only middling hipster-ness? Maybe Wavves is a lot bigger in Hibbing and Bemidji than we city slickers are inclined to believe.

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