Vikings sign WR Jerome Simpson, pothead who pulled off one of the best TDs in NFL history [VIDEO]

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Simpson got high to score what was surely the most exciting TD of the 2011 NFL season.
The Los Angeles Minnesota Vikings today agreed to terms on a one-year deal with former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson.

Simpson, 26, had his best season last year, when he caught 50 passes for 725 yards and four touchdowns. He's best known for two things: a spectacular flip he made into the endzone to complete one of his four 2011 touchdowns (video below), and being an alleged marijuana dealer.

Because of the marijuana thing, Simpson just completed a 15-day stint in jail. He's also been suspended for the first three games of the 2012 season, meaning he'll have to wait a few games before trying to establish himself as Percy Harvin's stretch-the-field sidekick next fall.

Last September, authorities found more than six pounds of pot in Simpson's Kentucky home after a suspicious package containing two pounds of pot was mailed to him from the ganja haven otherwise known as Eureka, California. Police also found other empty parcels, scales, and packaging material inside Simpson's home, and Simpson was charged with felony marijuana trafficking.
Vikes fans hope Simpson and Randy Moss have more in common than just a taste for the sticky icky.

"The house was set up as a potential distribution network," said Tommy LaNier, head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a group that is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and helps coordinate marijuana enforcement operations around the United States. "They had it all set up to receive supplies of high-grade marijuana from Northern California, and from there, it was being distributed from that residence."

Sounds pretty serious, right? But Simpson successfully argued that the pot was for his own personal use (Snoop Dogg would be jealous of his stash, apparently), and he ultimately pleaded guilty last month to a reduced charge of "prohibited act relating to controlled substances." He spent 15 days in jail and is on probation for three years.

But that's Simpson's past, and hopefully more exciting touchdowns like the one he scored against Arizona last December are in his purple-clad future. Without further ado, here's the video:

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