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A girl's gotta have options.
Part of the reason X-rated actress Megan Piper wants to go to prom with a local high school student is to prove that she's just a normal girl.

"This message doesn't have anything to do with sex," she told us when we interviewed her. "I may be an adult film actress, but that doesn't affect my everyday life."

And what does a normal girl do once she's been asked to prom? Geek out about dresses! Check out the options Piper is considering for her Porn Prom debut.

Of the 600 porn stars high schooler Mike Stone asked to prom, Piper was the only one who said yes. Since then, the superintendent of Stone's district banned all porn stars from the prom, inspiring a #Porn4Prom twitter campaign and even an attack on school officials by the hacker group Anonymous.
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Tartan High School student Mike Stone

Now, Piper and Stone are putting together an alternative event called "porn prom" which they say will take place down the street from Tartan Senior High School's official dance. And since Piper has vowed to go no matter what, the L.A.-based actress decided she probably needs a dress.

Piper, like many adult film stars, maintains an online "wish list" of items she would like admirers to buy for her. In the past that included lingerie, shoes, and even a Macbook. Now, she's also listed three gowns she's picked out as potential Porn Prom outfits. Take a look below and vote for your favorite:

Option 1.

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Option 2.

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Option 3.

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Weigh in below, although you can also rig the outcome by just buying the dress for her on her Amazon page. She's a size 2.

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