Walker's Spoonbridge sculpture already restored after weekend "Kony" defacing

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The Spoonbridge is already good as new or close to it.
At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, vandals inscribed "Kony" tags and anti-Kony messages on the Walker Art Center's "Spoonbridge and Cherry" sculpture and two other structures in the sculpture garden.

Here's some good news -- just over 48 hours later, workers have already scrubbed all the graffiti and restored the art works to as close to good as new as possible.

Ryan French, the Walker's director of public relations, said the Spoonbridge was cleaned on-site today with a good old-fashioned mixture of water, chemicals, and soaps. The sculptures "are created to withstand the worst of cold winters and rain, so they really stand up well" to cleaning, French said.

French declined to specify how much the Walker paid for the cleaning. "It's priceless work, and devastating to see it defaced," he said, adding that the museum has a contingency budget to cover damage to artwork.
"Kony" was inscribed on the world's most famous spoon early Saturday.

Security cameras in the sculpture garden caught some images of the vandals as they went to work Saturday morning. Police were dispatched to the scene while the vandalism was still in progress, but officers didn't arrive in time to make any arrests.

French said "it's still an open case and we can't comment on the details, but we're hoping we can find out who did it, bring this to closure and bring them to justice."

He characterized the "Kony" tag that was slapped upon the Spoonbridge as the "most egregious" act of vandalism anyone at the Walker can recall.

As far the motivations of the vandals, French said the museum currently doesn't know whether the tags were connected with Invisible Children's Friday night anti-Kony  "Cover the Night" event or not.

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