Woman cited for driving in MnPASS lane with hipster-looking mannequin as passenger [PHOTO]

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mannequin passenger.jpg
The state patrol released this photo of Allen's hipster-looking mannequin passenger.
Tired of slogging through rush hour traffic, Eden Prairie resident Crystal Allen decided to get creative.

Why not ride with a mannequin and take advantage of I-35W's you-must-have-a-passenger-or-pay-a-toll MnPASS lane?

Her scheme worked out beautifully until yesterday, when Allen, 29, was pulled over at about 8:45 a.m. while heading northbound on I-35W at Highway 62. It didn't take an officer long to notice that Allen's backseat companion seemed a little less than lifelike.

It turns out Allen would've been much better off just taking the bus. She was driving with a suspended license and ended up being cited for that, along with failing to obey a sign.

The mannequin, meanwhile, got off scot-free.

According to the PiPress, Allen told troopers that friends dared her to commute with her fiberglass friend, which was decked out with a hipster-like outfit of orange sunglasses and a hoodie in hopes of strengthening the illusion.

Considering what she'll have to pay in citation fees -- and the guilt her presumably actually human "friends" are feeling for daring her to take the mannequin to work with her -- perhaps next time Allen could splurge for a projector and ride with Hologram Tupac instead. After all, he'd be a lot more chatty than a mannequin.

Either that, or we suppose she could just spend a few dozen bucks a month and actually pay the MnPASS toll. That just sounds like a lot less fun.

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Hey, if you live in a distant suburb 20 miles away from where you work, it's going to take you a while to get to work.  If you want to get there quicker, it might cost you some money.  There's no entitlement to live in the exurbs and work in the city and have it be convenient.


Can a pregnant woman be allowed to use the HOV lane?  There is another "person" in the vehicle, right?  (Yes, this is sarcasm, but there is also a serious question hidden in there also.)

Chomp Chompchomp
Chomp Chompchomp

What kind of hipster is that? No PBR tallboy? No keffiyah? Not even a pack of American Spirits. I bet they weren't even headed to Anchor or 331. 

Cray cray
Cray cray

I know, it's hilarious how entitled suburbanites feel.  They have their falsely affordable 30-year mortgage and now want to go from Eden Prairie to Downtown in 10 minutes.  You were not forced to live in EP so don't complain or make us pay for more highway lanes.


Children and infants count as a second person for using the HOV lane, but children yet to be born do not.

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