Biracial Bemidji-area family finds burning cross in yard

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Bemidji-area racists planted a burning cross at the home of a biracial family last Friday.
Around 12:40 a.m. last Friday, a Bemidji-area woman was sitting in her rural Northern Township home when see saw the sky seemingly catch fire.

She ran outside, and there was an 8-foot-tall burning cross propped against a tree.

The woman, who has a black husband and two adult biracial children, saw someone running from the scene and heard a vehicle pulling away. Beltrami County law enforcement is investigating, but no arrests have been made. Sheriff Phil Hodapp said that once the flames were extinguished, it could be seen that the cross was inscribed with racist slogans.

Yesterday, the woman told the Fargo Forum that she "was scared to death," and is baffled anyone could be so filled with hatred that they'd resort to lighting a cross on fire. She asked not to be identified due to concern about her family's safety.

"I never thought something like this would happen," she said, adding that while her family was planning to move anyway, the incident has her anxiously looking forward to moving from her family's rural home to a lot with neighbors nearby.

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