Brawl breaks out at Mankato soccer game

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Players were detained after pulling out tire irons and a screwdriver
A soccer brawl broke out at a Mankato park yesterday evening, leading a fleet of squad cars to restore order.

Players had a disagreement on the field at Land of Memories Park, cops said, so several players stormed off the field to retrieve tire irons and screwdrivers.

"I saw some trunks pop open, bars started getting pulled out and basically I thought there was going to be a big brawl, and the police showed up just in time," Andrew Erickson, a witness, told KEYC news.

At least four different law enforcement agencies pulled up to the scene, the station reported, to restore order.

"Two soccer teams had a disagreement and it was reported that three members went and got some tools and came back to the field," said Cmdr. Pam Hermanson of the Mankato Department of Public Safety.

Police ID'd the individuals involved and put several in handcuffs, but no arrests were made. Potential charges are pending, according to the report. No injuries were reported.

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